Protection of personal data (GDPR)

Information on the protection of personal data, in accordance with the GDPR.

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Information in accordance with GDPR

Please read the following information carefully:

1. Introduction

This Policy on cookies applies to all users of the website

Purpose: to inform the users of this website about the placement, use and administration of "cookies" used by this site, which is owned by the Câmpulung Moldovenesc Wood Art Museum, in the context of browsing this site and how the technology works.

2. What are cookies?

We use the term "cookie" to refer to similar modules and technologies through which information can be collected automatically.

An "Internet Cookie" (also known as a "browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie" or "cookie") is a small file, consisting of alphanumeric characters, that will be stored on your computer, mobile terminal or on other equipment of a user through which the Internet is accessed.

Cookies are installed at the request of a web server to a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Once installed, cookies have a determined lifespan, remaining "passive", in the sense that they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and will not access the information on the hard drive of the user on whose equipment they were installed. A cookie consists of two parts: the name and the content / value of the cookie. From a technical point of view, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the web page associated with that web server.

3. The purpose for which cookies are used through this website:

Cookies are used to provide users of this website with a better browsing experience, namely to:

- improving the use of this website, including by identifying any errors that occur during its visit / use by users;

- providing anonymous statistics on how this website is used to the Câmpulung Moldovenesc Wood Art Museum, as the owner of this website.

Based on the feedback sent through cookies, in connection with the use of this website, the Câmpulung Moldovenesc Wood Art Museum may take measures to make this website more efficient and more accessible to users.

4. What are cookies placed by third parties?

Certain sections of content on the website may be provided through third parties, in which case these cookies are called third party cookies. Third party cookie providers must also comply with data protection laws.

On the website, these cookies come from the following third parties:

  • Google - Google Analytics - used to measure the number of visitors to the site; no data is collected and / or transmitted for advertising;
  • Google - - only on pages that contain videos from this platform;
  • other platforms whose content is included in posts;

This site does not contain cookies or other technologies for monitoring social networks or online advertising.

The functionality of the site is not degraded for users who do not have active cookies, except for YouTube videos embedded in some pages, which will not work if these cookies are not active.