Ion Ștefureac album - video teaser

More than a century ago, an album with technical drawings inspired by the popular motifs of the Câmpulung district, won awards in exhibitions, from Bucharest to Vienna and drew the attention of the great historian Nicolae Iorga himself.

The descendants of the author (the Ștefureac and Scripcariu families), of the visionary ethnologist Ion Ștefureac, "proto-father" of the Wood Art Museum and pioneer of Bucovina ethnography, donated it to the museum this year. They brought it home after more than a century. On June 1, in the temporary exhibition Wood Art Museum at the age of 85 - a new beginning you will be able to admire the captivating beauty of this zero point in the history of the Wood Art Museum, the result of a work visionary: teacher, ethnographer, architect Ion Ștefureac.

The Wood Art Museum celebrates eighty-five years since its founding on June 1! We will celebrate with 6 days of special events, launches, concerts and conferences.